Too controversial 4

If you ever saw our family band, you will see that it is as much mine as it is my children’s. They each have their own place in it. We also have a lot of love and tender feelings for each other. My children talk to me. They keep me informed of where their minds is. They share their troubles, their worries. They trust me with their confessions. Like I said: no screen for them. What’s left is talking and sharing, in one word: communicating.

And, for those who will predict me doom and horror and snicker at my upcoming failure, I’ll  make a small paragraph. Am I sure that my children will not start on pot, cocaine, heroin, alcohol? No. Am I sure their grades will stay up and they will not get into trouble at school? No. Am I certain they will not resent me later on in life? No. But! But I would have tried to give them something precious, something important, something they can use to build a life with. And that’s what is so controversial. I would have taken the time to explain to them the way I see life, I wouldn’t have let some video game or someone with dubious motives explain to them on Facebook the principles of our modern society (And I am not necessarily talking about politics here).