Too controversial 1

There is, in my life, something exceptional. It has been there for a long time, now. It is one of the most precious thing my family has, and it is extremely controversial. I present to you: our happiness.

My children are not the typical children. My son, 14 years old, does not play video games at all, although he used to. My daughter, 16 years old, does not have an account on Facebook, or Instagram, or Twitter or Snapchat. When they were two years old, they were not terrible. When they turned teenagers, they didn’t get out of control. They are, and always have been, reasonable, well balanced, intelligent and sensitive children.

That’s very controversial already.

But there is more.

We do music together. We have a band, a three piece band. And we train hard for it. We look at the details, we don’t mince our time on anything. We practice our instruments, we talk about the choice of songs, we carefully craft the arrangements, we don’t let anything up to chance. And it shows. We are good. We are very good. We are concert-ready good.

We spend a lot of time together. We influence each other, we listened, we talk, we joke, we share. That’s the controversial part.

You’ll see.