Don’t play bored! 2

I’ll try to help you.

Let’s take a groove. A simple groove. No. Not a groove on the drums. You don’t get to play yet. Let’s put that groove on the bass. Or the guitar, or the piano. It’s a groove. A repetitive rhythmic pattern that loops. Ok. Now let’s put a bass drum. Yes. A bass drum. Not some bass drum. One bass drum per bar. And no snare, no hi hat. Not yet. So. The bass drum will be on one. And you will try to…

Wait, what?

What do you mean you know where this is going? No, you don’t! Oh, I see. Because you found that little sentence “Less is more”, you think that you understood it all. And therefore you know what I’m about to say. Well, my friend, if you want, I can leave you to your old life. That’s fine with me.