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Printing it in the flesh 2

We don’t want the teacher to get annoyed. But if the student has been told to slow down and he doesn’t: what to do? Well, I can explain it to you on the blog, or you can take lessons with me and I can show you in real time the solution to that sticky problem.

Moving on.

Slowing down has many many benefits. I’ll talk about one in particular: printing. A slower speed will impose the brain to really think what everything is doing, not just one part of the body. Also, slowing down is like taking a magnifying glass and applying it to the exercise. All of the sudden, we can hear all the little problems that was impacting its shape, its flow. A third benefit is that, because it is so difficult to do,you gain control over the lick you’re trying to master. And the control is at almost all levels: dynamics, fingering, technique, phrasing, etc… The only problem with slowing down is that we lose the idea of the flow. As we decelerate, we have to reconstruct the flow of the exercise in our head.

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