‘Tis the season

Change is in the air. The light has changed. The brightness of summer has faded to a warm auburn color. Rain is here. And staying.

But people’s lives is also subject to change. A lot of changes. A lot of dramatic changes for some. I know a few people that are struggling. They are not alone. There’s a big sweep going on in this city.

No need to wonder why. We are subject to the change of season. Yes, even in our lives. September is a big one during the year.  Children go back to school. A lot of people also go back to work. Politicians, for example. Life in the lazy summer is not the same as in the busy autumn. In the summer, things can be quick and without consequences, whether it’d be a relationship for a week or a change of diet because we are visiting another country. Anyway, in September, it is time to go back to reality. And reality bites. We are forced to think long term because winter is coming. No more temporary solutions. We are upheld to a higher standard: whatever we chose to do has to last longer than a few hot days.

I don’t have a good advice about what to do for those who are in difficulty right now. Maybe put on a fight, I’m not sure. Also, you can try to consider that whatever holds you back is not a source of depression but an opportunity to find creative solutions. Every situation is different though… One has to be careful.