Batman 1

You have to keep your cool. When the problems come, when they are over your head, when you are submerged: you have to keep your cool.

This concept is essential when you run a small business such as being a professional musician. Let’s take an example. Let’s take batman.

In one of the latest DC universe movie Ben Affleck, who plays Batman, says that his superpower is money. Although it’s a great line, it is not true. The superpower of Batman is to find a solution when all is lost, to never give up, to keep on thinking rationally  no matter how desperate his predicament is. Batman will prevail, because Batman doesn’t even consider giving up. His superpower is one that anybody can access: resilience.

What does it have to do with music?

Let’s suppose that a musician needs to earn a living in music. After all, he decided to become a muso, and it is his responsibility to make it happen.

BUT! (I’m sorry to scream in your ears)


But there are some interference. Someone says you can’t be a musician. Why? Because it’s too hard. Because it’s not secure of a job, because you have to be incredibly good at your craft to survive, because music is not a prestigious job like medicine or practicing the law, because the musician world is full of danger like drugs and lose people. The list goes on and on. Millions of reasons why someone should not become a musician. As a matter of fact, just about every one on earth knows exactly why being a musician is not a good idea. It’s the job that attracts the most amount of opinion and wisdom by the general population. We are lucky, us musicians, everybody knows better than us how to conceive our job.