Batman 2

So far, we talked about being a musician and how people say it’s not a good idea. All these talks that surrounds the budding pro musician are called interference. But the interference are just that: interference. It is not the truth. Not at all.

Music is what you want it to be (yes, really!). It is what you work at. It is what you stick with. If you are a drug addict, being a musician will not save you. Being a doctor will not save you either, by the way. If you are a flaky person, you will stay a flaky person, only you will have chops on the piano and your pay checks might come from music (Although those will dry up pretty quickly, I guarantee it). If you are LAZY, you will be a lazy musician, which doesn’t exist. So, you simply will not be a musician, you’ll be something else, haha!

Let’s go back to Batman. I like Batman.

What applies to being Batman applies to being self-employed: You have to rely on yourself to make it happen, you have to be resourceful, you have to keep your cool in difficult situations, you have to be working on developing your talents, and you have to shut down any interference that says you shouldn’t be doing that. When you have a problem, you will develop a method. For example: you pick a task, put your nose to the ground and focus on the task, nothing else. Done with that task? Good. Don’t catch your breath just yet, think of another way to get out of your tough spot and put it in motion. No more task you can think of? Create some! Innovate! Be crazy (in a good way!)! You have to make it happen. Have to. Just like Batman.

They say be cool.

Unless you’re Batman.

Then be Batman.

Oh, and keep your sense of humor. That’ll be precious too.