Beginning the journey

Ah, dear new students, welcome! You are awaited here, at this very website, this very studio, by this very instructor. You are someone special and you do not know about it.

New students always think they are approaching things the wrong way. They are afraid of making the wrong move, afraid of having the wrong motivations, the wrong habits, the wrong concepts.

But what they don’t know, and I am about to reveal, is that beginner students do everything right! Yes, that’s correct! They come and they put their trust into the hands of the educator. It is a precious gift that I try never to squander or overlook. They also put all their concerns and questions into the process of learning the instrument. That is also extremely valuable. It means that they are ready to accept the teacher’s ways of doing things. And, last but not least: they bring their enthusiasm with them. Beginners are always the one with the brightest mission and the shiniest energy.

They want to learn the piano or the drums so bad! They want to participate in all the games you propose. They want to discover the fun and highlight their passion even in the driest of exercise, the most boring of routine.

I love beginner students. They help me out a lot. I draw the very value of my job from their smiles, their willingness to play. And so, I declare that being a beginner is nothing to be ashamed of. Be proud of starting the journey into music, no matter your age, your gender or your social status. Music has open arms and will give you everything your curious mind needs.

Beginners, welcome!