Musician part 6: Promoting.

All right, so, now you have the skills, you have the endurance, we’ve talked about that. You also know how to listen: good! And you’re careful not to put too much on your plate: good! Goes without saying: you’re familiar with the music programs and the internet. Great! That must mean you got it all, right?


You don’t. Because all of these wonderful assets you’ve acquired means exactly nothing if you do not promote yourself.

“Oh, you’re thinking, he means to use the internet for promotion! We’re talking about Instagram, Google, Twitter, and the like! Ok, I’m on it, I know exactly what to do!” Oh, you do? You actually know EXACTLY what to do?!! You’d be the first.

Because even the biggest companies, the one with publicity departments as populated as New York city, are still looking for ways to get their names out there. That’s why you get 20 robo-calls per minute, or 5 pounds of junk mail every day, or Netflix (The TV WITHOUT commercials!), or ads on Facebook right in front of your favorite cat gilf.

Promoting oneself is not an easy thing. First because it asks for you to put your natural modesty aside, which I hope you got some, because I don’t, never bothered to carry any. Second, because even if you do want to promote yourself, there are many many ways to do that. Maybe too many ways.

In the 90’s, when I started in this good ol’ town of Chicago, all you needed to do was put an ad in two magazines that were free and distributed all over the city. You combine that with a bit of socializing at music stores, some posters strategically placed and you got yourself a few students to start your business with.

Nowadays… well nowadays, it ain’t the same. And, to be blunt, I am not sure about what to do. I write this blogs like bottles you throw in the ocean (the ocean being the internet). I hope someone will read them, find them interesting enough to try and find out who’s behind this wonderful writing, those precious insights.

Well, yes, it’s hit or miss. So far, I am not sure I’ve got any response from my blogging. That’s all right, though, I don’t mind writing. I always enjoyed putting my thought on paper, or, in this case, on the screen. I hope you enjoy it too, there’s more to come. Drop me a line one of these days, let me know you are breathing out there, it’ll warm my heart.

So, that was the blog on promoting. There is much more to say on the subject. But that’s what I know.