This blog

I have been writing regularly now for almost 1 full month. I do write a lot. Two blogs a day 5 days a week is no small potatoes. I’m lucky, it comes pretty easy to me.

The benefit of this blog is to get out the tons of ideas and concepts that I’ve been using during my professional musical career. That helps. I do not know if it gets me a crowd, but it certainly has a therapeutic effect on me. My head is filled with with thoughts about my business and I rarely have the time to put them to writing. The blog is as good a form as any.

It also helps to propagate my name and get people to call me. Now, although I am at almost full capacity in my schedule, this side effect allows me to bring new people to my studio. Always refreshing.

This blog has another dozen of great impacts, for sure.

But the one I didn’t predict was the elegance.

“The elegance? you might ask.

“What is he talking about? We were cruising nicely into this article and, all of the sudden, Sol’s lost me.”

Sorry, dear reader, if I startled you, but I don’t have another way of describing what is happening.

When I teach, right now, the thoughts are coming in a flowing and easy way. No matter the concept, no matter the difficulty of the subject: my words come concise and strong. All is clear in my head. Very clear. It seems as if the blogs make me rehearse my teaching before it actually happens. Although, I have always been confident about how to handle different people for different lessons, writing my thoughts makes me fly through any moments.

This blog gives me an answer for everything I do in my studio (Is it an illusion, though? I do not have all the answers). More than that, it cements my teaching, establishes powerful foundations and carves the best form of any demonstration I might attempt. I’m starting to think that this blog is like a work out, a little jogging for my teaching. I need to keep it going.

Keep reading. You ain’t seen nothing yet.