Seasonal changes

As August progresses, we slowly go back to work mode. The days are still warm and the minds are still turned towards BBQ and swimming pools, but many of us are starting to feel a nag in our thoughts. The little voice inside our head is becoming more insistent:

– This ice cream is great, no doubt, and the breeze feels sweet on your skin, but it won’t always be like this. Soon, oh too soon, the winds will freeze your life and going outside will be a chore. How are you going to survive?

It is a lot to consider, isn’t it? The seasons are merciless. Our ancestors used to spend all summer to prepare for the long cold days. Harvesting, it was called. Back breaking work. I remember it very well, I grew up in  a farm.

Already the media is talking about going back to school time, the auto industry is advertising for winterizing your car. Everyone is slowly fanning the flames.

Now here comes a good question: why am I talking about this?

Because I can’t afford to wait for September to prepare my small business for the big rush of the Autumn. I am already preparing a list of things to make sure I will not starve this winter. I won’t bore you with the details, but it reads like a war plan to win against the toughest enemy I know: freezing temperatures. What it means is that August, in all its glory and sweet talk, is not a restful month for me. I have to think in the long run, always. If I don’t, I won’t make it. And the reason why I have been thriving in this business since 1989 is precisely because I do not take it for granted.