Stick furniture is long overdue.

As I keep on enjoying the warmth of the summer days, I work to improve my studio. You see, up until now, my efforts in woodwork has only produce stuff either for the rest of the house, or for my friends. Trying to custom fit my creations into my work environment is a new concept.

On that matter, it has been a long long time that I’ve had drums sticks laying around, literally laid on the floor. Yes, exactly like drift wood rejected by the sea, you got it.  Joining this aching problem, is the fact that when people came to see me, they didn’t know where to put their keys, their purse, their wallet,  their sunglasses, their gloves, their hats, and, in general, all these little objects we all have on us once we live home.

I have decided to kill these two annoying birds with one definitive stone. And so today is the day, the first day of the rest of new life, leaving behind the bohemian lifestyle I used to abide by.



P.S: For the ones wondering how one get access to those sticks, one can sign up for lessons and find out.