Slowly improving

People who are familiar with my business know that it has evolved over the years. In 1991, I started in a room which was about 9 feet square. Very tiny. There was my kit, an extra chair and a few papers, and that’s it.

As years went by, I improved little by little. Eventually I got a sound system, then a piano, then a bass, a guitar, another set of drums, some shelves, a computer and a printer. And more papers, more books, more methods, more hand outs.

Well, I am happy to report that I have now officially started to take care of all the books, methods and hand out papers I have ever accumulated. I present to you: a cabinet, a dresser, I’m not sure of the word for it, but something to store all of my printed material.

I made it myself. I made it custom to fit exactly my needs. It’s awesome, check it out.