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The wish

“- Hello Houston, we are go for 2020, we have the means, we have the tools and we have the energy. Send me the mission statement, please.

– Hello Apollo, here’s your mission statement for 2020. You’re going to have to:

Make more money.

Spend more time with loved ones.

Practice your instrument without complaining.

Go to the gym and sweat regularly.

Quit spending long hours on the couch.

Pay your bills on time.

Stay motivated

And Actually do your New year resolutions this time! Do you copy?

– Thank you Houston, after a glance over the objectives of this mission statement, I recognize that they are impossible. I’m going back to bed and I hope the parachute will open. ”


And with that, by mid-January, we are done with the holidays hang overs and their silly propositions.


So, nothing. It’s not the end of the world.

Sol, maybe a nugget of wisdom, here, it’s your blog after all?…

I would answer this: turning ones life around is not like taking a dingy boat and brutally changing direction by slamming the rudder to the right when it was to the wrong. On the contrary, changing one’s life is almost always like slowly pushing a continent from global warming to hippie renewable heaven: it’s very slow, very painful, very uncertain and very long.

But, if those New Year’s resolution prove anything it’s that, at least, humanity strives to get better. That’s something. Happy New Year everyone!



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