Ti’s the season

We are about to deconfine. Yet, in Chicago it’s still cold and wet, the weather is welcoming 1 day, the other 10 it’s not. You look at the sky through the windows and you get a runny nose. Because we still are in the flu season.  Oh, I know. For the ones who are already in the full swing of the summer heat, I know that the calendar announces a smiley May 19th. We should be laying in the grass with happy thoughts raising towards a vibrant blue sky. But we’re not.


So, when the weather refuses to cooperate, how do you keep some joy in your heart?

I propose music. Yes, I do!

Are you surprised?

We all have the need to create our private space. If we stay inside with other people, it becomes an incredible challenge, there is no intimacy. Playing music helps to re-center our beings. We discover that we are actors of our life, that we are capable of manufacturing emotions versus consuming them (like on TV), that all efforts have a reward. All of the sudden, we feed the inside.

Ti’s the season, and we can’t escape it. Ti’s the flu season, ti’s the season of staying home, of navigating the rain and the cold and the mud just a little longer. Ti’s the season for a little more time at home. Ti’s the season to create beauty from inside out: Ti’s the season to play some music.