Easy melodies

I am not sure why I am a musician. I don’t think it was because of my talent. I don’t think fate had anything to do with it either. My parents didn’t push me to become a drummer or a piano player. My friends either. One strong reason maybe: I like music. Correction: I love music. Just like a lot of people out there, I know.

There was something that drew me towards it, though. For example I have always liked the easy melodies. You don’t see what I’m talking about? Oh, you know them too, I’m sure. They’re light and swift, they’re those perfect ear worm that will never leave after we hear them once. They roll off the tongue, so to speak. You don’t have to think about the notes, the rhythm or the structure, they are as obvious and powerful as the rising sun.

I’ll give you an example: Train, “Hey Soul Sister”. Ha! You see it now? You’re with me? Don’t you love those? Yes, you can whistle them easily. Hands in your pockets, head in the clouds, not a worry in the world, your walk becoming a skip. Easy! Relaxing!

I do not know how difficult it is to compose something like this. Probably very difficult. The obvious requires a lot of craft, you know. Can you imagine Jason Mraz composing “I’m yours”? Another great easy melody. You see him on a sunny beach somewhere with a ukulele having an sweet life when he starts humming “I’m yours”.  I do not know the real story behind this song, but I can tell you that every effortless tune demands a lot of effort.

Last example I will mention is Lenka, “The show”. Oh my! One of the best recent example of an easy melody. Whether she’s singing the chorus or the verse, it just keeps going seamlessly. I mention it because I sang it last night in my dreams and I woke up with it and it is still with me. Tenacious little melody.

While I’m at it, I’ll give you a recipe to get rid of a persistent melody: listen to another music, another singer, another style, but something familiar. In general the ear worm disappear after a few seconds.