Some festivals have a lot of band in one day, especially during the weekend. That’s where you meet some of your fellow musicians, those guys that, just like you, crisscross the territory to entertain the crowd. Some are great, with an impeccable act, tight as a .. drum (pun intended). Some are just starting, grabbing the chance to present their production to a crowd of strangers.

I do not know if other instruments are very gregarious. But drummers are. Two drummers who are about to meet are about to strike a friendship. The ritual goes something like this: you watch someone play, you discover his chops, his speed, his comfort, then, once his soundcheck is done, you go meet the fellow. Usually it begins with compliments.

– Wow! You sound nice. Love those fills!

And it goes on from there.

Ah, that’s true, you might know where it goes, actually. So, let me explain: when two drummers meet, they’re going to talk about technique. That’s our way of talking shop. And how did he manage to place that double paradiddle in a half time shuffle? And what kind of pedal he’s got to be so nimble with his bass drum? And who is the latest greatest drummer on the planet?

See, nothing too complicated. Very interesting stuff. I mean it. No sarcasms here.

Then we go get a drink together if we can (festival are in the summers mainly, and it’s a the season of thirst, as everyone knows), we exchange information and we leave each other with the feeling of having met a soul brother.

I am very proud to be part of this community. I never feel alone.