Children songs 2

This was the trivia question:

Which composers composed themes based on children songs?

Answer: Beethoven and Miles Davis.

Now, for Beethoven, we all know which piece of music I’m talking about.

You don’t? Yes, you do. Did you play the recorder when you were in school? Did you ever try to blow “Ode to joy” into it? Yes, that’s the song: “Ode to joy”. It’s the European anthem. Beethoven borrowed the melody from a German kiddie melody. Don’t ask me the word, I don’t know them. Besides I do not speak the noble language that is German.

As for Miles Davis, his claim in this particular domain is not as well known.


If you go into Miles Davis discography, you will discover a live album called “We want Miles”. You should go listen to it, it’s a masterpiece. Among other title is a song called “Jean-Pierre”. Do you hear it? It’s an ultra super simplistic theme that, once you heard it, you’ll never forget. It sounds almost ridiculous. But in the trumpet of the great jazz man, it takes on all the emotions of the world. And, just like Beethoven, Miles Davis treats the melody with the utmost respect, he doesn’t make fun of it.

What’s that you say? You agree with my answer as far as Beethoven is concerned, but Jean-Pierre is not a tune that Miles Davis took from the children song book and arranged in his style. Fine! Maybe you’re right. But then, I’ll offer this: Miles Davis did a cover from Cyndi Lauper called “Time after time”. You’re still not convinced? Because, you say, a popular song is not the same as a children song.

Oh, you’re tough!