Snag 3

It seems to work. We might be in the clear.

Anyway, I couldn’t reset my password because I would receive the email to reset my password but the link would go to the page where I needed to input my email address to reset my password, and then they would send the link at my email address, which would be a repeat of the previous one. Stuck in a loop!

Then, here comes the interesting part… Hold that thought…

No, we seem in the clear. Somewhat.

So, then I was able to get in. And I wrote a great blog. It was about snags, as a matter of facts. Funny! Informative! Brilliant all around! A jolly good time! And I wanted to give it a picture, a nice one that would illustrate the subject. Can’t! Another snag. No go on the picture. I didn’t have the strength to go on a million forum and try to solve the problem. So, no picture. And I finished my blog. And I pressed “publish”, and it told me that I had taken to long and it had logged me out, and I started to cry.

I hope this will go through. Ready, people? I’m about to press the button. It worked!

Now, let me try a picture: Yes!