The new year.

I am at a crossroad. I used to have a full house with a wife and two children, but that has stopped. The children have moved out of our home. They are doing their own thing now. It is life and I can’t complain, I knew this day would come since they were born. We had a great time together and, as far as I am concerned, I have absolutely no regrets. I did my best, gave it my all. But the house and the schedule feels empty. I must confess, that, no matter the amount of preparation, I wasn’t prepared for that.

So, as 2021 is about to end I am now facing the new year with an unusual situation. My wife goes to work and I am home alone. What to do?

Oh, wait, I see you got an answer: music.

True, but that’s not enough. Music is great, but I need something else to drive my days. How about this: I could do woodwork! I’ll have plenty of time to dedicate myself to this noble craft. I want to build furniture, just like I did before, but I also want to expand and try my luck with musical instrument. You can find online plenty of patterns to cut an electric guitar and rigg it correctly. Fun! Difficult, I’m sure, but fun.

I can also accumulate students. I love teaching. I never grow tired of it. I want to fill my schedule to the gill with people ready to have a conversation about music.

I can also join a band or form a band. I wouldn’t do it to gig, although that would be nice, I want to do it for the best reason in the world: because it’s fun. Bands are, or should be, the natural goal of any musician.

I also want to work on my teaching: write more pages, more songs, more blogs and more concepts. This is very rewarding. To see that what I have conceived in the quiet of my studio helps convey clearly some complex subjects of music provides me great satisfaction. I take pride in seeing the spark in a student eye once they glance at one of my page, or their ears perking at the music I’ve composed for them.

I want to practice too. The drums or the piano hold many secrets I still don’t understand. This never ending quest will keep me busy for the rest of my life. Besides it keeps me humble and compassionate to the efforts my students. I want to hold their hand through the dark maze of music with an understanding of their struggles, I dont’t want to be condescending or indifferent to their work. A does of practice will keep that in check.

Well, I think I’m all set for 2022.

Are you?