The natural

Some people have it. They come on stage and everybody’s eyes follow them no matter where they go. They don’t do a lot. Some people have it so strong, they just fascinate. It has a name, it’s called the “X” factor. It’s so rare and so important, they made a TV show to look for it. It’s a great show, because they have scouts that go in different cities to ask people:

“Sir, do you have the “X” factor?”

“No, no. I’ve been vaccinated. ”

“That’s not a virus. It’s like something extra ”

“Maybe in my wallet.”

Like I said, it’s a great show.

Hey, dear Reader, don’t quit this blog just yet. I’m joking about the “X” factor for a reason: it’s impossible to describe. Is it a matter of confidence, like the swag of Al Pacino? Is it because of their unusual face like Billy Corgan? Is it because of their antics, like David Lee Roth? How about silliness, like Jim Carrey? Or their beauty like Jim Morrison? Well, come on! what is it? We don’t know. Clint Eastwood or Morgan Freeman don’t even need to move to captivate us. On the other end of the spectrum some people will put a ton of make-up and have flashy outfit to get noticed like the band “Kiss”. Meanwhile a third kind of people have it whether they are silly or not, as Robin Williams demonstrated throughout his whole career (Man, do I miss the guy!).

I just watched Reggie Watts, a short performance he did back in 2012 for Ted Talks. I would put the link in this blog, only it doesn’t seem to work. It keeps loading and loading and then peters out (I’ve got a steam computer, the kind you start with a crank, I love it. It makes coffee, too.) But it’s simple to find the video I’m going on about. Just google “Ted Talk” and in their search engine, you put “Reggie Watts” and you got it. Worth watching, very entertaining. And what a demonstration for my blog. Mr Watts is so entertaining not only does he gets the audience attention, but he toys with it. He’s very confident and makes no mistakes. You’re in good hands with him. It’s feels like he never really thought about it. He exists and that alone is captivating. In one word: he’s a natural.

Now, I can hear the questions: How do I know if I’m a natural? Is there a pill for it? Can you find a pack of “X” factor at my local grocery store? How much money can I make once I got it? Is there a cure for it? A treatment? Can I get tickets to the Taylor Swift concert?

Well, they are some stuff you can do to verify if you got it: just go in front of the crowd, and see if people respond to you. That’s about it. What you do on stage doesn’t matter. You can sort out dishes or try to sell fountain pen, you’ll get your answer real quick. No, no, I’m not joking, I’ve seen a famous comedian, you wouldn’t know him, he speaks French. He doesn’t speaks fast, he doesn’t make faces, he doesn’t have one liners, he doesn’t wear anything flamboyant and he doesn’t tell prepared jokes either. It seems totally unscripted. He starts his show by asking people in the crowd some questions. Then he comments their answers. He doesn’t necessarily makes fun of them either. I do not know how he manages it but you end up hanging on his every words. His name is Thomas Wiesel. I’ll put the YouTube link, if you speak French. Anyway, Mr Wiesel is also a natural.