Bonkers trivia.

Did you know that in the mid 1920’s a drummer named Billy Gladstone invented an instrument called the (You might want to sit down for this one.) Bock-a-da-Bock. Now, right there, Google is going to bar my post from appearing in emails or my business page. Cause, see, the name is too weird.

Now, what was that contraption about? It’s a hand operated socks-cymbal.  Here’s a picture:

Look like fun, don’t they?

They were the craze at the time and you can hear them on several recordings. As matter of fact, Louis Armstrong himself, on the song “A Monday Date”, can be heard shouting: “Say, come on Zutty, whip them cymbals Pops!”. And then said Zutty proceed to produce a little solo with said cymbals. You can also hear them on the monumental “West End Blues”. You don’t know that song? You’re missing something important. You should go check it out. Yes, now! You do that while I sip my tea.

So?… Did you like it? Impressive, isn’t it? Yes, you heard them cymbals playing, but I’m sure you couldn’t miss Louis’s performance. That’s one of those masterpiece he made.

Let’s move on.

How was it played? you might ask. The answer is, I do not have a clue. They look lovely, they sound good too, from what I’ve heard, but I do not own a Bock-a-da-bock. So, my blog ends in a non-conclusive way. Still, I could add that drummers are a strange bunch, but you already knew that.