Drummers, here’s a suggestion on what to listen to.

Drums are an instrument like no other. The guys who drive them are accused of being too loud, or too fast, or play too much. So many “Too’s”! Well, I know why: it’s because they don’t listen. They have only the faintest idea of what the rest of the band is doing. So, why drummers, particularly, would do that? Look, I answered the question in many of my previous posts. If you want to go look for one of them, you’ll be getting some important infos. But, for today, that’s not the point of this blog. Please, follow the guide, watch your steps.

Today, as the title indicates, I’m going to give you a pointer on what you should be listening to as a drummer to improve your handicap. And, yes, you are handicap (Go find that blog, please!).

So, what do you think you should bathe your ears in? A bit of Jazz? Yes, but no. Some old Rock and roll, maybe? Yes but no. How about a solid pop song? Yes, but no. Remember, the goal is to get a “yes, but yes”. Someone else with another suggestion? Ah! at the back of the classroom, what’s that you said? Gregorian chants? Haha! Good one! Yes but… Yes! At least you’re in the ball park.

I personally recommend classical music. Did you see that coming? Did you? You did! Oh, it’s because you’ve been a regular reader.

Ok, so why classical music?

Here are a few reasons: Number one, there are no drums in classical music. There might be some percussion (not the same thing, they do not necessarily keep a beat), but not a drum kit, per say. That forces you to pay attention to the melodic and harmonic aspect of the sounds, something mighty useful when you’re on the bandstand surrounded by melodic and harmonic players (Guitar, piano, bass, voice).

Here’s another one: classical music is recorded with a general microphone. If you have a symphony orchestra, you get maybe a dozen miserable mics hanging from the ceiling to capture the performance. That’s important because it enables your ears to get used to the rawness of the acoustic, and most drummers play an acoustic instrument since electronic  drum kit are still more of a novelty item. Almost all music but for classical music is recorded with each player getting their own microphone, their own set of effects, their own cable, pretty soon, they’ll get their own individual mixing table and their own engineer.

I’ll give you a last one: classical music will give you an education in music. It has some of the most simple as well as some of the most elaborate stuff you will ever hear. That’ll take care of all the drummer’s jokes out there. Ha!

Besides, but I can’t put that as a reason: classical music is beautiful. I hear you scream: “Sol, you’re biased!”. Oops, better close this blog, they’re onto me.