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The unsuspected

I love Victor Borge. He’s a piano player that had a whole show as a comedy, only the main subject was always the piano. Here, I’ll share a video. You’ll see, it’s irresistible:

The page turner is his son, by the way. They were touring together and bringing good old fun to the masses.

Now, here’s the unexpected part: Victor Borge is also a world class piano concertist. He absolutely owns his skills on the keys. Which proves that you can be funny and a great musician. No, no, that doesn’t necessarily go together, trust me. You can get more videos of Mr Borge on YouTube, if you want. They’re all a joy. Like candy for the brain.

Let’s see another one. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Did I catch you by surprise? Well, that’s the point! This blog is titled “The unsuspected”, isn’t it?

This famous rock band had a piano player named Billy Powell. What might be surprising, and was certainly unexpected even for his band mates was that he was at the level of a piano concertist, which is the highest level possible on the keyboard, as far as technique is concerned. They discovered the guy was really skilled when they recorded¬† “Free Bird”. Who knew?

I’ll give you three other ones, quickly:

Chick Corea was an excellent drummer, who inspired Steve Gadd himself.

Prince was proficient with 17 instruments.

And Paul McCartney can play all the instruments in a rock band: Voice, Bass, Guitar, Piano and drums. Yes, even the drums. And he played the drums righty. If you watched the documentary “Get Back”, you can see what I’m talking about.

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