Making peace with music.

The excitement in music is many fold.

Let’s take a piano player. Or, more accurately, a piano student. If that person gets to play a little song on her first lesson, that would be exciting. If she can fit that melody to a silly little programmed beat, well, that’s even better! That might be difficult, but the excitement is there. And if she can relate that melody to some music notes on the paper, that’s not only exciting, that’s rewarding.

Now, let’s take someone with a month worth of lesson. He has been practicing the drum regularly, he has been able to play along with a few songs. His teacher (me!) will have accompanied him on the guitar or the piano during a few tunes. That’s cool. That’s great! But now his motivation is getting wobbly, and he’s about to quit. Oh no! What to do?

Get to the next step.

Play with a band. Start rehearsing some material.

But first, you need to find some musicians.

Now, if you want excitement in your life, just run an ad on Craigslist to look for different players. Just remember to keep a sense of humor. You are going to need it. I also talk with my students about some basic safety measures on how to go about it. It is never needed, but you never know. Plus, I am here to provide them with a smooth ride, so we do the “safety” talk.

You can also see if someone among your friends or family plays an instrument and is interested in joining your adventure.

Then you arrange a meeting or an audition and you are set.

Every beginner student is sweating and nervous and happy and hopeful when they encounter other musicians for the first time.  They go through a roller coaster of emotions. What a thrill!

Now, see! instead of concentrating on the hardship of the lonely practice, you can dream of diving into the thrilling waters of being part of a band. Don’t stay stale. Look for ways to improve, to explore, to try out new things.