Concluding 2022

With all that is going on in the world, I am almost ashamed to confess that 2022 was a great year for me.

Through my job as a piano and drum teacher I have met some incredible people and discovered the depth and charm of the ones I already knew. Ever since I’ve changed my method of teaching, the atmosphere in my studio has grown much more relaxed and easy-going. Although I do transfer knowledge and passion to my students, I want them to laugh and enjoy the process. It has opened a lot of new avenues I hadn’t explored yet. Teaching is a greater joy than it was before, every lesson, every person is a welcome journey into discovering music the way they want to. Although I am not doing the same lesson for a 5 years old as for a 50 year old, I can tell you that their enthusiasm and participation is the same. Oh, that smile when they win a battle they thought was impossible, or when they discover a new concept or a new style they really like.  I try to read their emotion as the lesson progress and I take it as a great privilege that they dare to show them to me. It reminds me I have the most beautiful job in the world and I’m lucky people allow me in their world.

Usually during the summer, my numbers take a dip. Through vacations, school preparations, sports events and what-not I can’t manage to keep a full schedule. End of August and beginning of September is the worst season. Actually, no, there’s a season even worse than that, but all in good time. Any-who, this year it didn’t matter. I kept my schedule filled no matter what. It was unbelievable. Yes, unbelievable, because in 33 years of teaching I’ve never had that happen, my August and September were roaring. Same thing for the worse of the worse (here we are): End of November, and all of December. That is the absolute worse. So much so that I am obliged to take some vacation during the time between Christmas and New Year’s. Well, this year, I didn’t see any drops in the numbers, zero! The train kept going full steam ahead. Still, I had to take my traditional week off between Christmas and New Year’s. But it was my own choice more than anything else, as people were ready to come for lessons anyway.

I also noticed that I keep my pupils much longer than before. My job is based on accumulation, you see, if people don’t quit, my business grows, it’s as simple as that. And I get some new inquiries all the time.

2022 was an excellent year, a year to remember. I sincerely hope you send that year with the same smile I’ve got on my face right now. And to all the students I taught this year, from the bottom of my heart: thank you, it was a blast. See you in 2023.