Last sunday was Father’s Day. My Sweetie had planned a little something for me: we went to see Tommy at the Goodman Theatre. I wasn’t expecting much besides a psychedelic adventure full of weird characters and messages too confusing to understand. I was also thinking about a production with actors/singers, a nice décor (This is the Goodman theatre for Christ sakes!) and a good band. But no more than that.

Oh boy! I was in for a surprise! Between the music, the dancing, the lights, the actors, the singing, the realization, the décor, the plot, I was blown away! There were video effects happening with the acting and the singing while the décor was moving and the band was playing the most energetic and moving music I’ve ever heard in a theater. Everything was new, interesting, daring and emotional. It was a masterpiece of modern art. The plot, which I was familiar with, was transformed into a story relevant and interesting in today’s world.

I cannot reveal anything as I want you to discover it on your own, if you can (it’s sold out for now, although I wouldn’t be surprised if they extended it), but know that I have been to a few big productions, including Hamilton, and Tommy is my favorite by far. Not one single down moment, not one boring song, not one flat effect. From start to finish, it had me riveted to my seat. I also never had seen the reaction of the crowd the way it went at the end. The roar! The ovation! The triumph! I think it’ll go to Broadway and win a few Tony’s. I am very glad my Sweetie took me to see Tommy for Father’s Day. She takes great care of me.

Pete Townshend.