The business.

As I live my life as a musician, I realize that there are many more aspect to said life than I thought at first.

I went into it assuming it will be mainly playing the drums or the piano for an attentive crowd, or talking and explaining things to an attentive student (my audience is always very attentive in my dreams. Good thing too, ’cause I wouldn’t stand no shenanigans inside my head). Well, I was a bit off mark.

In my business, there is a part that relates to… well, business.

What I am doing right now, is part of my business. Now, I happen to like it. I love to express myself through words. Love to talk, love to type. But I know a lot of pro musicians that balk at the idea of writing articles or blogs. It’s just not their talent. They can hire someone to do it, of course, but that cost money. So they don’t hire anyone and good luck making your presence known online.

There is something else that needs to be considered in what I am doing right now, and that too is part of my business: understanding computing technology enough to be able to have a website, one that has a blog section, and how to write those blogs in the correct digital LAYOUT so that they do appear on different format (Computer screen, tablets and phones) without any glitches. That one is truly not easy because not only do I need to be good at my craft (playing and teaching), I also need to be good and updated at a craft I am not necessarily interested in (computer science).

Oh well, I march on and try to be gracious about it. I do my computing like a soldier does his boot camp. After all, it’s just a small part of my week.

Now, when I decided to become a musician, back in the 70’s, there was no computers. I mention this because that was something I truly didn’t foresee happening. And now I am wondering what else the future has in store for me. Will need to learn about producing green electricity? That’s fun. I am not complaining, I swear I am not. I do think that’s fun. You just never know what will take you to your destination.