Snag 2

Ok, so far so good. It seems I can write a little more.

I’ve just been through a big ordeal.

My password for this site didn’t work anymore. Then I couldn’t reset a new password.

Wait, sorry, I have to stop and check if this will be published. Hold it. I’ll catch you on the next blog.


2 responses to “Snag 2”

  1. A.J. Avatar

    Can confirm it works! Haha also, loved the Axis of Awesome video!

    Glad to see you got everything working!

    1. solgarnier Avatar

      Hey A.J!
      Thank for the confirmation. Someone was trying to hack my website (!!?). But I think it functions well now. No more glitches. I wish you a happy holiday. Let’s try to talk soon. I’d like to have some news.