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This morning is quiet. I just went outside. I live on a quiet block of the Mayfair park area. I sat on the stairs of my house. Closed my eyes. Listened. A few birds were chirping in the trees near by. Almost no cars were passing by in front of the house, there was just a small
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Where do women go?

Although I have a few female students, I’ve never had more female students than male students. I have always had more men than women. Now, before I think that it is just because of me, I need to say that when I went to Berklee College of Music, the ratio was about one woman
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Finding a music teacher

When looking for a teacher do not focus just on the financial aspect. Many people decide if they will take lessons with a teacher or an organization based solely on the price. There are many other things to consider. Here are a few that one can keep in mind while shopping:
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